Benefits to Retrofitting High-Energy Usage Commercial Lighting and/or Refrigeration Systems

  • lower electric usage and bills for retrofitted products saving you up to 80%
  • extended useful life and value of your facilities 
  • lowered costs of retrofitting even further with energy rebates (if available) 
  • lower future maintenance and operational costs from product replacement
  • finance plans are available (if needed) to help finance the cost of improvements
  • safer – better illumination in parking areas
  • upgraded commercial lighting and/or refrigeration functions
  • improved exterior lighting can act as advertising for your company
  • theft deterrent and improved security for your company
  • enhanced customer and employee safety and security
  • health benefits – including improved mood, enhanced morale, lower fatigue, and reduced eyestrain directly related to improved light levels
  • increased productivity due to better lighting color, levels, consistency, and layout
  • positive first impression draws customers in
  • documented 18% increased sales post-lighting upgrades in retail location coolers

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